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Start / Speaker system Plug & Play 300W

Speaker system Plug & Play 300W




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Our spare tire mount subwoofer creates a rich sound and boasts a five-channel Class AB amp with integrated digital sound processor, and a wide variety of customizable setups to match your listening preferences. The system works in conjunction with your vehicles existing speakers. The soundbox DSP default setting is Golf, GTI, and Golf R MK7 hatchback models. No programming is necessary for these models. Additional charges: A dealer visit is required to properly code the unit. The programmer is only available via Volkswagen Dealers. Note: It is recommended to use in conjunction with an Emergency Tire Sealant & Air Pump. Each sold separately at additional charge. Not for Golf R, Golf SportWagen with 4motion, or vehicles with Fender Audio or Beats Audio. Proper installation required. Professional installation may be recommended. See owner’s literature and dealer for details.

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