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At Bauto car parts assortment, you can find new and original Volvo parts. Here you will find all the parts you may need when repairing your Volvo. We have interior, body, suspension, and other car parts. Everything your Volvo car needs.

Don't know a code? We'll send it out as soon as possible so you can order exactly what you're looking for today.

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Finding the needed Volvo part at Bauto is extremely easy. All you need to do is enter the OEM code of the desired part and choose the best offer in terms of price and delivery time.

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is a unique code assigned by the original equipment manufacturer to each auto part. This code ensures that the part was made according to all the technical requirements of that part. Therefore, by purchasing a part marked with this code, you can always be sure that the part is the right fit for your car.


The OEM code is written on the part itself or on a special data table. However, if you do not know the OEM code but know the car brand, VIN code, and the name of the part you are looking for, send us a request with this information. We will send you the necessary OEM code and you can enter it in the search field soon. Purchasing the part you are looking for is simple, fast, and convenient.

Why Bauto?

Why Bauto?

Bauto offers the convenience of purchasing the necessary parts at an affordable price and with the desired delivery time. Simply enter the OEM code, choose the best offer from the manufacturer, and we will deliver your order to any city in Lithuania.

  • 35 million auto parts database
  • Only new and original parts
  • Best price offer
  • Fast delivery

Why go to auto parts stores and scrapyards when you can buy everything you need at the best price in one place?

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a Swedish automotive manufacturer owned by the Geely Automobile group, and is the second largest Swedish automaker by size. The company was founded in 1915 as a subsidiary of the ball bearing manufacturer SKF, and introduced its first car in 1927. Volvo gained global recognition in 1958 and has since been renowned for its exceptional safety and durability:

  • This is exemplified by the fact that the Volvo P1800S set a Guinness World Record in 1966 for the highest non-commercial vehicle mileage ever recorded, at 3 million miles.

Volvo Cars

  • In 1959, the company's engineer Nils Ivar Bohlin invented and patented the first three-point seat belt, which reduced the risk of injury during a car accident by 50-60%. This safety device was recognized as one of the most important inventions of the century in automotive history, and the German Patent Office included it in the list of 8 patents that have the greatest significance for humanity.
  • The company's engineers also invented and installed in Volvo cars:
  • impact-resistant glass,
  • inflatable side curtains that protect passengers and the driver from side impacts,
  • seats with the WHIPS system, which reduces the risk of spinal injuries by 50%,
  • a body that distributes the energy of impact during car accidents.



Volvo produces cars with sedan, estate, crossover, and five-door hatchback body types.

Today, the streets are filled with both old and new Volvo models, such as the Volvo 340, Volvo 260, Volvo 850, as well as the XC series Volvo SUVs, including the XC90, XC40, and XC60, along with Volvo sedans, estates, and hatchbacks such as the V70, V60, S90, C30, and S60. The Volvo C30 Electric is also a popular electric car.

Volvo Parts Catalog

Despite the reliability and durability of Volvo cars, these vehicles also require repairs, especially when the odometer has already passed 100,000 kilometers. In order to maintain the unchanged quality and performance of a Volvo car, it is important to take care of and replace worn-out parts in a timely manner - not to wait until the car breaks down and stops running. In the Bauto Volvo parts category, you will find only new, original Volvo parts. The parts in our database are marked with OEM codes and approved by the manufacturer as high-quality and meeting all requirements. You can easily find the desired Volvo part by entering its OEM code. Don't know the code? Send us a request.

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