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Porsche Taycan parts

If you're driving a Porsche Taycan model, you can find all the original and new parts you may need for repairing and upgrading your car here. Enter the OEM code of the part you're looking for or fill out our inquiry form, and we'll send it to you soon. Our goal is to provide the most effective keywords for Google indexing while accurately translating the original Lithuanian text.

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Porsche Taycan parts online

Porsche Taycan parts online

The Porsche Taycan is divided into different generations:

  • Porsche Taycan (2019–present)

You can find any part for these models based on the OEM number - the unique code assigned by the car manufacturer to its original part. The part marked with this code is manufactured according to all technical requirements and confirmed by the manufacturer to meet the highest standards. You can find the code on the part itself or in a special database. If you don't know it, simply write to us and we'll send it to you soon. Our main task is to translate the text accurately while ensuring effective keywords for Google indexing.

Porsche Taycan model

Porsche Taycan model

Taycan is an electric vehicle produced by Porsche in sedan and shooting brake (coupe and wagon combination) body styles. The name Taycan is directly translated from Turkish as "lively young horse." Additionally, it is a reference to Porsche's birthplace of Stuttgart and the emblem of its logo, which features a prancing horse.

The conceptual version of Taycan debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the production-ready Taycan was unveiled in 2019. In its first year of sales, over 20,000 Taycan models were produced, accounting for 7.4% of the total number of Porsche cars manufactured. Our primary goal is to translate the text accurately while ensuring effective keywords for Google indexing.

Porsche Taycan model

This model is recognized as an excellent alternative to Tesla and also plays a safety car role in the "Formula E" races.

In January 2021, "What Car?" magazine recognized Taycan 4S as the Sports Car of the Year, and in the same year in April, Taycan Cross Turismo won the Best Electric Estate award at "Top Gear Electric Awards".

So far, only one generation of Taycan has been released, but it has a considerable number of modifications.

Porsche Taycan technical data

Porsche Taycan technical data

The technical data of the cars varies depending on the modifications. The following table summarizes the technical data of the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche Taycan
Electric motors: 79.2 kWh and 93.4 kWh
Horse power and max. speed
408-751 HP 220-260 km/h
Driving distance
333–463 km

What Porsche Taycan parts can you find at Bauto

If your Porsche Taycan also needed repair, let Bauto take care of the replacement parts. Here you will find parts of all car mechanisms as well as car accessories and accessories.

Engine and engine parts
Engine electrical equipment
Fuel supply system
Cooling system
Exhaust system
Engine and gearbox suspension
Automatic transmission
Gear shifting mechanism
The driveshaft
Front axle
Steering and suspension geometry
Rear axle
Brake mechanism
Pedal mechanisms and control
Seats / salon

At website, you can easily and quickly purchase all Porsche Taycan car parts at the desired price - simply enter the OEM code of the desired part in the search field and choose the supplier who offers you the best delivery time and amount.

The most common problems with the Porsche Taycan car

The most common problems with the Porsche Taycan car

Frequent electric system errors
Software error causing loss of driving power
Frequent warning of collision without reason
Malfunctions in heating and ventilation systems
Transmission-related issues. Car turns off or shifts into neutral or park while driving
Issues with touch screens, information and entertainment systems
Distorted rearview camera image

Overview of Porsche Taycan models by generation

Overview of Porsche Taycan models by generation

The Porsche Taycan (2019-present)
The Porsche Taycan is not only the first Porsche electric car but also the first mid-size Porsche family car. This model, like the Porsche Cayenne, is an exclusive and very important car for this brand. As with other Porsche models, this modification is also named Turbo and Turbo S, and the original base model is coded as 4S.

Although the three model variants of the Porsche Taycan look almost identical on the outside, the biggest difference lies inside. All versions of the model are all-wheel drive, with the majority of the power transmitted to the rear wheels. The Taycan 4S can be equipped with two battery sizes - 390 kW (530 hp) or 420 kW (571 hp). The standard Taycan 4S can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and has a maximum speed of 250 km/h. The Turbo version generates 490 kW (670 hp) and the Turbo S generates 560 kW (761 hp). The maximum speed of both models is 260 km/h, with the Turbo accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds and the Turbo S in just 2.8 seconds. The latter model can travel up to 412 km with a fully charged battery, while the Turbo can travel up to 450 km. In addition, the Porsche Taycan is the first electric vehicle with an unconventional 800-volt electrical system, making it one of the most powerful Porsches ever built to drive on the streets.

When it comes to the vehicle's appearance, it doesn't differ much from other Porsche models, and the rear of the Taycan is identical to the Porsche 911. The concept car "Mission E" had a significant impact on the vehicle's exterior, with many design elements borrowed from it. Some of the Taycan's design features include a retractable rear spoiler, retractable door handles, and an advanced regenerative braking system. The rear of the vehicle has a short trunk lid with a light strip that spans the entire width, serving as the taillights and turn signals. However, the design of this model was created to achieve a maximum coefficient of drag, which is only 0.22. Inside the Taycan, there is the first completely digital instrument panel with four digital displays, and the 210 mm touchscreen in the central console shows the transmission status and advises the driver on how to use the car's energy efficiently. Despite the full digitization, the classic Porsche clock is still present on the top of the dashboard.

Porsche Taycan (2021-present)

In 2021, the Taycan model was slightly updated with small changes to both its exterior and interior. The entire range now features standard LED headlights, while the air intake vents in the front bumpers have become wider. At the back, depending on the version, a new bumper and diffuser have been added. Inside, Porsche has installed artificial leather upholstery throughout the entire Taycan range. The main task is to translate the text as accurately as possible while ensuring that all the relevant keywords are optimized for Google indexing.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo (2021-present)

In the same year, the new Porsche Taycan model - Cross Turismo - was also introduced. The front part of this model is similar to the previous ones, but the black accents on the front wing resemble a crossover. On the sides, black moldings are also extended to the wheel arches and door sills. Meanwhile, the elongated roof and hatchback-style rear end resemble the Panamera Turismo.

Inside, there is the same dashboard design with a dual-screen system, but there is another touch-sensitive screen for climate control functions. In the back, Porsche installed a split, folding seat for two people, but with three headrests. Folding the seat increases the trunk space to 1200 liters. Unlike other Taycan models, the Cross Turismo version has an adjustable suspension that allows the driver to increase ground clearance by 30mm and a new "gravel mode" for the all-wheel-drive system.

Main features:

Electric motors
All-wheel drive
Automatic transmission


Model: Porsche Taycan
Battery capacity: 79.2 kWh | 93.4 kWh
Horsepower: 408–751
Torque: 345–1050 Nm
Transmission: 2-speed automatic


Powerful and fast
Fast charging
Stylish and high-quality interior


Unremarkable design

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