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If you are a Jaguar F-Pace driver, here you can find all the original and new parts you may need for repairing and upgrading your vehicle. Enter the OEM code of the part you are looking for or fill in the inquiry form if you don't know it.

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Jaguar F-Pace car is divided into generations:

  • Jaguar F-Pace X761 (2016-2021)
  • Jaguar F-Pace X761 facelift (2021-present)


You can find any part of these models by the OEM number - a code given to an original part by the car manufacturer. The part labeled with this code is manufactured according to all technical requirements and certified by the manufacturer as meeting the highest standards. You can find the code on the part itself and in a special database. If you don't know it, just write to us and we'll send it to you soon.



The Jaguar F-Pace (X761) is the first SUV model from Jaguar. This luxurious SUV appeals to those seeking a larger, yet sporty and stylish vehicle.

While the F-Pace model is best suited for asphalt and not particularly known for its off-road capabilities, its design was inspired by the award-winning 2013 Jaguar C-X17 concept car.

In 2017, the Jaguar F-Pace won the World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year awards at the New York International Auto Show.

Currently, Jaguar has only released one generation of the F-Pace model and one facelift.

Jaguar F-Pace Technical Data

Jaguar F-Pace Technical Data

Jaguar F-Pace
Petrol: 2.0L Diesel: 2.0–3.0L
Horsepower and max. speed
163–380 HP 195–249 km/h
Fuel consumption
4.8–11.7 L
Jaguar F-Pace facelift
Petrol: 2.0L Diesel: 3.0L Hybrid: 2.0–3.0L
Horsepower and max. speed
163–404 HP 195–249 km/h
Fuel consumption
2.2–12.2 L

Where to find Jaguar F-Pace parts – only new and original car parts. Our car parts database is one of the largest in Lithuania. Out of 35 million parts, we will definitely find what you need for your car. Here you can buy everything your car might need.

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Engine electrical equipment
Fuel supply system
Cooling system
Exhaust system
Engine and gearbox suspension
Automatic gearbox
Gear shifting mechanism
Drive shaft
Front axle
Steering and suspension geometry
Rear axle
Braking system
Pedal mechanisms and control
Seats / interior

In addition to essential mechanical parts, we offer tuning parts, comfort equipment, cleaning products for the interior and exterior of your Jaguar F-Pace, and accessories. Enter the necessary OEM code and buy an original Jaguar F-Pace part from Bauto!



  • Inconvenient and confusing infotainment system
  • Quickly draining battery
  • Automatic high beams not turning on in time
  • Faulty seat belt pretensioner
  • Engine overheat
  • Fuel system problems
  • Failed ball joint of the upper control arm
  • Short drive shaft
  • Instrument panel malfunction (screen not turning off on time)

Review of Jaguar F-Pace Models by Generation

Jaguar F-Pace X761 (2016–2021)

The Jaguar F-Pace was the first step for Jaguar into the urban SUV market. This SUV was designed to offer the same driving characteristics as any other respectable Jaguar, but in a larger body, for those who prefer to travel in a higher-profile vehicle.

From a design perspective, the Jaguar F-Pace was created based on the award-winning C-X17 concept. It combines the style of the F-Type coupe with the rugged form of an SUV. The high driving position provides good visibility while maintaining a sporty feel.

The leather interior is dominated by bold lines, which are softened by gentle lighting. The F-Pace has several familiar Jaguar design elements in the cabin, including a rotary gear selector that rises when the car is started.

The updated InControl Touch Pro system and 25.9 cm touchscreen are located on the central console. The F-Pace also has phone connectivity with a WiFi hotspot, and some features can be controlled via a smartphone app, such as pre-heating the cabin or unlocking the car.

The F-Pace is also the first Jaguar vehicle to have the "Activity Key" - a waterproof wristband that can lock and unlock the car when the key is left inside.

The F-Pace is built on a new platform called the "Lightweight Aluminum Architecture," and the highest trim level of the vehicle features an "Adaptive Dynamics" system, which ensures the best possible ride quality, as well as numerous other electronically controlled safety systems and driving enhancements.

The F-Pace is offered with Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium 2.0L diesel and 2.0L turbocharged gasoline engines. This car features a front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension.

Main features

  • L4, V6 engines
  • Rear-wheel drive | All-wheel drive
  • Automatic and manual transmissions


  • Model: Jaguar F-Pace
  • Engine: 2L | 3L
  • Horsepower: 163–380
  • Torque: 365–700 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual | 8-speed automatic


  • Many convenient features
  • Well-handled, enjoyable to drive
  • Spacious cargo area


  • High fuel consumption
  • Interior quality inferior to competitors
  • Noisy engines

Jaguar F-Pace X761 facelift (2021–present)

In 2020, the British brand introduced a plug-in hybrid version. This car can run on electricity for daily city trips, while the powerful transmission comes in handy for longer distances.

The facelifted F-Pace has a smoother engine hood and new LED headlights. It is also possible to choose the pixel-LED system, which adjusts the lighting mode when another vehicle approaches.

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