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Ford Galaxy parts

If you own a Ford Galaxy model, you can find all the original and new parts that may be needed for repairing and upgrading your car here. Enter the OEM code of the part you are looking for or fill out the inquiry form if you do not know it. Our store specializes in providing high-quality parts for Ford Galaxy models, ensuring the best performance and reliability for your vehicle. Trust us to supply you with the parts you need to keep your car running smoothly.

Don't know a code? We'll send it out as soon as possible so you can order exactly what you're looking for today.

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We guarantee that in our database of 35 million car parts, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Our search system is the fastest way to find car parts. Trust us to provide the parts you need for your vehicle. With our extensive inventory, you can be sure that we have the part you need, no matter how rare or hard-to-find it may be. Shop with us for the best selection of car parts and accessories.

Ford Galaxy parts online

Ford Galaxy parts online

The Ford Galaxy model is divided into generations:

  • Ford Galaxy I (1995-2000)
  • Ford Galaxy I facelift (2000-2006)
  • Ford Galaxy II (2006-2010)
  • Ford Galaxy II facelift (2010-2015)
  • Ford Galaxy III (2015-2020)
  • Ford Galaxy III facelift (2020-2022)

Ford Galaxy parts online

You can find any part for these models by its OEM number, which is a code given by the car manufacturer to identify the original part. Parts marked with this code are made to meet all technical requirements and are certified by the manufacturer to meet the highest standards. You can find the code on the part itself or in a special database. If you don't know the code, simply write to us and we will send it to you soon. Trust us to provide you with high-quality parts that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Ford Galaxy model

Ford Galaxy model

The Ford Galaxy is a large and versatile Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), also known as a minivan or people carrier. It can seat up to seven passengers, and the layout of the cabin can be adjusted according to your needs: the electric seats in the back row fold flat into the floor, while those in the middle row can be lowered with the touch of a button. This makes it an excellent choice for families and frequent travelers.

The 1995 Ford Galaxy was the first minivan produced and sold by the Ford brand outside of North America. Over the course of its production, three generations of the Ford Galaxy were released, with three facelifts along the way. Production was discontinued in 2022.

If you are looking for parts for your Ford Galaxy, you can find any of the model's components by searching for the OEM number - this is the code assigned by the original automaker to identify the specific part. The parts marked with this code are manufactured to meet all technical requirements and are certified by the manufacturer as meeting the highest standards. You can find the code on the part itself or in a special database. If you don't know the code, simply write to us and we will send it to you shortly.

Ford Galaxy technical data

Ford Galaxy technical data

Each car's technical specifications vary depending on the engine and gearbox. The table below summarizes the technical specifications of all Ford Galaxy generations.

Ford Galaxy I
Gasoline: 2-2.8 l Diesel: 1.9 l
Horse power and max. speed
90-204 HP 160-188 km/h
fuel consumption
6,5–12 l
Ford Galaxy II
Gasoline: 2-2.3 l Diesel: 1.8-2.2 l Flexifuel: 2 l
Horse power and max. speed
101-175 HP 151-208 km/h
fuel consumption
6,7–9,8 l
Ford Galaxy III
Gasoline: 1.5-2.0 l Diesel: 2 l
Horse power and max. speed
120-240 hp 176-222 km/h
fuel consumption
5–7,9 l

What Ford Galaxy parts can you find at Bauto

If your Ford Galaxy needs repair, let Bauto take care of the replacement parts. Here you will find all the car mechanical parts as well as car accessories and add-ons.

Engine and engine parts
Engine electrical equipment
Fuel supply system
Cooling system
Exhaust system
Engine and gearbox suspension
Automatic transmission
Gear shifting mechanism
The Driveshaft
Front axle
Steering and suspension geometry
Rear axle
Brake mechanism
Pedal mechanisms and control
Seats / salon

Buying parts on is easy and fast - enter the OEM code of the Ford Galaxy part you are looking for in the search box and buy the part according to the price and delivery time.

The most common problems with the Ford Galaxy car

The most common problems with the Ford Galaxy car

  • Steering wheel jerking
  • Loss of power
  • Black smoke from exhaust pipe (1.9 TDi)
  • Blocked windshield wipers
  • Window malfunctions
  • Oil leakage
  • Burning smell (1.5L models)
  • Central door lock problems
  • Starting problems
  • Power steering belt problems
  • Power steering problems
  • Gearbox rattling

Ford Galaxy Model Overview by Generations

Ford Galaxy I (1995-2006)

The first generation Ford Galaxy was developed as a joint project with the Volkswagen group. At the same time, its twin brothers, the Seat Alhambra and Volkswagen Sharan, were also created.

The Ford Galaxy used mechanical systems from the Volkswagen group. After this model, Ford installed most of the Volkswagen engines (including the most powerful 2.8l VR6), but also offered its own 2.0l and 2.3l gasoline engines.

The basic Galaxy configuration has five seats, but there is also a seven-passenger seating configuration. Although it is only slightly longer than a typical compact station wagon and its trunk is not very large, anyone sitting in this Ford model feels like they are on a ship.

Main Features

L4 and V6 engines
Front-wheel drive
Manual transmission


Model: Ford Galaxy
Engine: 1.9l TDI | 2.0l | 2.3l | 2.8l
Horsepower: 90-174
Torque: 170-240 Nm
Transmission: 5-speed manual




Poor turbo
Unattractive design
Poor quality materials in the cabin

Although in the 1999 "Top Gear" survey, the first generation Ford Galaxy was rated as the least satisfying car in the UK, according to Ford's press representative, it was the best-selling minivan in the UK that year.

Ford Galaxy Generations Review

Ford Galaxy II (2006–2015)

The third-generation Ford Galaxy model was produced without any Volkswagen involvement. It was released together with a similar, slightly more compact Ford model, the S-Max.

These two models are not very different from each other, but the Galaxy is more practical, while the S-Max is more fun to drive.

The second-generation Galaxy already had seven seats. Its suspension was adapted for comfort, and its high roof ensures a lot of headroom, while the trunk volume reaches up to 435 liters. Getting to the third row of seats is a bit difficult, but passengers inside have a lot of space. The second row of seats is mounted on rails and can also be folded down.

The design of this model has changed significantly, with noticeable Ford "Kinetic Design" style details such as trapezoidal front grilles and large wheel arches. This large single-spaced vehicle is fun to drive, especially if it has a sprightly 2.0-liter TDCi diesel engine that produces 142 horsepower.

Main Features:

L4 engines
Front-wheel drive
Automatic and manual transmissions


Model: Ford Galaxy
Engine: 2.0L Duratec / EcoBoost turbo | 2.3L Duratec | 1.8L 2.0L 2.2L Duratorq TDCi
Horsepower: 101–200
Torque: 190–420 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual and automatic




Bland design
Poor quality interior details

The second-generation Ford Galaxy remains popular in the United Kingdom. This model is known as the main means of transportation in the British TV series "Outnumbered".

Ford Galaxy Model Review by Generations

Ford Galaxy III (2015-2022)

Shortly after the debut of its "cousin," the Ford S-Max, at the Paris Motor Show, the third-generation Ford Galaxy hit the market. It maintained the dimensions of the previous generation but underwent a design change.

The Ford "Kinetic design" principles are also followed in this model. Thinner front headlights and new LED lights in the back give it a stylish appearance.

According to Ford, the Galaxy III was built on a lightweight car platform, making passengers feel more comfortable than in other minivans. The engine range in this model is wide and met all drivers' needs at the time, with some Galaxy versions having four-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

In the fall of 2021, Ford stopped selling standard gasoline and diesel models and replaced them with a 2.5-liter hybrid Duratec engine, producing 190 horsepower and equipped with a Durashift CVT transmission.

Main Features:

L4 engines
All four-wheel drive | front-wheel drive
Automatic and manual transmissions


Model: Ford Galaxy
Engine: 1.5 l EcoBoost turbo | 2 l EcoBoost turbo / EcoBlue TDCi / Duratorq TDCi | 2.5 l Duratec Hybrid
Horsepower: 110-240
Torque: 229-450 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed automatic and manual


Spacious and comfortable
Practical car


Poor handling
Cheap plastic feel in the interior

In January 2022, Ford announced the discontinuation of the Galaxy's production after 27 years. All orders were stopped and no longer accepted.

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